Things You Need to Know About Luxembourg Apartment Rental

It is not easy to find the right rental property, especially if you are new in the area. Below are some tips to guide you on how to go through Luxembourg apartment rental.

The housing supply in Luxembourg is low, but the demand is high. It’s because of this why you need to do some research first before transferring to the place. You might find it quite expensive, but you can do some research and look for something that you can afford.

Where to look?

Two of the vital factors that you need to consider when searching for a place to rent an apartment are school and work. Although public transport is not a problem in Luxembourg, your travel time can sometimes quadruple during the busy hour.

It is best to check first the location of the schools and bus/train routes. The city center locations, most of the time, favor apartments while the suburbs have more houses with gardens. The place of residence plays a vital on your budget.


Estate agents

If you are from another country, you can look for an estate agent to help you find an apartment for rent. You can set a day for viewing. Your estate agent might find properties that are a bit higher than your set budget.

Keep in mind that the notice period should be two to three months so that you will have a lot of time. Most of the estate agencies specialize in particular localities, so if you have an idea where you want to live, then you can register with them.

Check if it includes the utilities

For unfurnished rentals, the rental fee does not include gas, broadband, water rates, telephone, rubbish collection, and electricity. However, some apartments include these in the rental costs. Most of the time, house and flatshares offer an all-inclusive rate and provide furnishings, like TV.

If you want to have an idea of how much it will cost you when it comes to paying the utilities, you can ask the present tenants how much they are paying. Expect to add a couple of hundred on your expenses monthly.

The rental contract

Aside from the utilities, you also need to know the contract inclusion. Some contracts may include, sweeping out chimneys, maintenance of the garden, and boiler servicing. The contract may vary depending on your agreement with the landlord, but generally, it is 1 to 2 years with a diplomatic clause. To invoke this, you need to leave the country. It is much easier to secure a year contract, but you need to specify this with the estate agent.

It is also best to include in the contract that the landlord should conduct some repairs if needed. Some of the repairs may involve the heater, oven, or dishwasher within a specific time.

Deposit or bond

You should pay the refundable deposit in cash or through a bank guarantee paid to the account of the tenant’s name. But, it needs authorization from both parties to release the money.  The deposit should not exceed three month’s rent. The landlord should refund the deposit at the end of the less minus the repairs or service charges.